Barbie Trailer 3+1


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The Barbie® 3-in-1 Caravan will take children wherever their imagination takes them! Lots of transformations and surprises will keep kids entertained. Push it and start the journey. When it’s time to explore, unhook the front of the caravan to reveal a vehicle with four seats. Look under the back seat of the vehicle to find a boat perfect for fishing! When it’s time to camp, open the side panels to turn the caravan into a camping set with room for four dolls, food, sleeping and play. One side folds down to reveal a pool and the other creates an outdoor kitchen area that inspires cooking stories. Between the two is a sitting area for relaxing with designs that add even more style. Finally, open the back to reveal a bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. Lots of different spaces for lots of stories! After a long day of exploring and playing, hoist Barbie and her sisters or friends up to the roof and pull out the bed to sleep under the stars. When they’re ready to set off on their next adventure, store everything inside, close it up and go! Modern design and realistic details for hours of play!





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