Barbie Petshop


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Welcome to the mini Barbie pet toy boutique, where kids will find everything they need to help Barbie Doll take care of her friends. This toy set inspires nurturing stories of play and friendship with a grooming station, cash register counter, shelving unit and over 20 themed play pieces. To help Barbie doll groom her puppy, turn the counter up to reveal a grooming station. Dip the included sponge into warm water and help the puppy rinse off, then watch his muddy spots disappear. Once cleaned up, Barbie doll can shop for treats and toys or adopt a new friend. With four pets, fun features and so many accessories, this Barbie pet play set inspires endless storytelling for kids ages 3 to 7. The doll can’t be left alone; colors and decorations may vary.





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