Barbie Ambulance


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Barbie® is coming to help with her mobile ambulance.Just press the button to sound the siren! Lift the lever on the back of the colourful vehicle to instantly transform it into a mobile ambulance. Barbie® can welcome her patients at the receptionist’s stand that lifts up in the center of the dispensary. On the left, you can pull down a yellow couch to reveal a waiting area with an aquarium. Pull down the aquarium to reveal a gift shop, where you can buy gifts like a teddy bear or a heart-shaped balloon! To the right, there is an exam room fully equipped for serious cases and simple checks.The pink exam bed can be adjusted for added comfort and also acts as a storage area. Simply pull down the lever on the radiography table to reveal a machine that takes x-rays. The set includes accessories for Barbie® to shine in any emergency, along with a medical bag, stethoscope, plaster cast, blood pressure gauge and more! All items can be easily folded into the ambulance so Barbie® can quickly go to her next rescue with ease! Included is the ambulance set with over 15 accessories. Barbie® doll not included.





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