Educational Puppy Smart Stages


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A brilliant (and very loving) buddy!Soft, for lots of cuddles and lots of fun. As your baby explores and plays, Doggy will introduce him to 100 first words, body parts, colours and more, making learning fun! Every baby grows at their own pace and thanks to Smart Stages technology you can choose the educational stage you want according to your baby’s needs! At each stage, Doggie has lots of different songs, sounds and phrases to keep your baby busy. Just slide the switch to select the stage you want! At first, when your baby taps different points, Doggy will introduce your baby to 100 first words, the alphabet, colors and more! Then, Doggie will encourage your little one to count along and learn different body parts with funny phrases. And when your little one grows up, he will play imitation games with Doggie, sing with him and develop his vocabulary.





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