Barbie Canteen


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The Barbie Cantina is here! If you like to cook and serve, then Barbie’s Cantina is for you! The canteen is 45.7 cm long, has colorful designs on the outside and opens to prepare and serve food. With an oven, grills, space to make smoothies, a serving bar and storage cupboards. It also has 30+ accessories including menu signage, pots, utensils, serving trays, plates, fryer for fries, blender for juices, food items, spices and a chair for the customer! Some pieces have a handle that attaches to the Barbie doll’s arm (doll sold separately) for more realistic play. Mmm, what are you cooking Barbie? Once the customer picks their order, Barbie takes them to the cash register! Includes Cantina and more than 30 accessories. Perfect gift for children 3 years and older, especially those who love cooking, customer service and culinary arts!





M: 45,0 Π: 18,0 Υ: 26,0