Barbie Home Suitcase


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Barbie® welcomes you into her home! This portable house opens up to reveal a 70 cm wide interior and lots of play possibilities! Featuring a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and pool, with realistic designs, themed accessories and fun details. In the kitchen, you can cook on the stove, wash dishes at the sink and eat at the counter. In the bedroom, there’s a pull-down bed and a wardrobe for clothes. In the bathroom, the toilet has a lid that opens. Outside, the pool can be filled with water for splashing, and colored “lights” hang in the yard. Fun accessories, such as cooking utensils, a blanket and a plant, encourage role-play. Some accessories have a handle so the doll can hold them and others are designed to be placed on stands and stay in place! Close for storage or transport. Kids can create lots of stories inside or outside the house, because when a little girl plays with Barbie®, she imagines all the things she can be when she grows up. Add variety to Barbie®’s rooms by collecting all her furniture and accessories. Includes Barbie® house and Barbie® themed accessories. Colors and designs may vary.





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