Barbie Clinic Set With Doll


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Explore a world of fun with the Barbie® Clinic Set with doll game ! It’s for girls who love taking care of others! The clinic includes a brunette Barbie® doctor doll (30cm) and 4 play areas: medical station, examination table, X-ray machine and gift bench. Children can make moulds for their “patient” doll (sold separately) with the plasticine (use pink, purple or white) to create moulds for the patient’s arms and legs and make bandage dressings. Playset also includes 30+ pieces for fun play: 3 containers of plastic wrap , leg bandage molds, Chelsea® hand bandage molds, a set of crutches, stickers, X-rays, gift items and more. Some of the accessories have a clip so the Barbie® Doctor doll can hold them for even more realistic play! Kids will love the endless possibilities for creative expression and storytelling fun! The doll can’t stand on her own. Colors and decorations may vary.





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